Event Professor Maddulapalli Dattatreya Sastry waxed eloquent on ‘Abhignana Saakunthalam'. A. RAMALINGA SASTRY

T he name of Kalidas reigns supreme among great poets. Abhignana Saakunthalam stands testament to the unique way his poetic genius was skilfully manifested. Raghuvamsam, Kumarasambhavam, and Meghasandesam are his other works (kavyas) along with Vikramorvaseeyam and Malavikagnimithram under the category of plays.

So explained Sanskrit professor (A.U. Dept. of Telugu) Maddulapalli Dattatreya Sastry, who delivered a talk on Abhignana Saakunthalam for Sahitya Surabhi in Builders Association Hall last Sunday. The scion of a family of Sanskrit scholars who, including himself, studied Tarkam, Vedantham and Vedic literature from his father Maha Mahopadhyaya late Manikya Sastry (recipient of President Award in 1991), he qualified for a doctoral degree for his thesis ‘The greatness of Veda Sahitya'.

As the composition of the play in particular was accomplished as a mahayagna, literary scholars unanimously hail Saakunthalam as ‘Kalidasasya Sarvaswam', went on Sastry explicatively. Quoting extempore, Maddulapalli made everybody in the auditorium feel as if they visually witnessed the quintessence of all the seven acts in the order in which they constitute the play. His talk thus went on like a fresh water spring arising out of peaks of high mountains.

Though the entire play seems to have got manifestly developed around amour as the nucleus, virtue in its varied forms is made to peep out persistently creating consistent allurement, concluded Maddulapalli, attracting resounding applause.

Chief guest of the evening K. Krishnamacharyulu (former professor and HoD of Sanskrit, A.U.), president and vice presidents of the association, Vriddhula Kalyana Rama Rao and Peri V. Ramakrishna Rao, besides prominent citizens like C.S. Rao and Kumar, knowledgeably participated, making the interactive session held later also interesting and informative. Secretary Raja Rajeswari Prasad proposed a vote of thanks.EOM