Profile Reflecting on moods of day-to-day life

O ne can be a doctorate in photo chemistry, silence a graduation class in City College by sheer dint of teaching, render a Carnatic vocal concert with a diploma in music to boot and on superannuation turn into a creative writer with 11 novels and 23 short stories in five years! Of which, four novels bagged literary awards (Anil award instituted by Swati telugu magazine) and had a good run as serials in popular magazines.

Dr. Bhanumati Mantha is a multi-faceted woman with diametrically opposing interests like love of science and passion for music and literature. At the recent launch of her short-stories compilation Ananta Vahini she had a battery of Telugu novelists and short-story writers commending her brilliant outpour in such a short span of literary creativity. The inaugural and book-reading was under the aegis of Lekhini a women writers' literary outfit . Excerpts from her book were read out and each story seemed to be culled out of everyday existence in the present day context! There was topicality in the issues handled, a tongue-in-cheek mirroring of today's sentiments juxtaposed with that of a GenX and the scientist in her dealing with a pathological ailment in a credible manner.

Almost all the stories reflected anyone of our emotions and experiences at a given point of time in life, the audience opined. The authors' versatility was proved beyond a point. The progressive writer gave a beautiful rendering of Tyagaraja's krit Sri Rama paadama....' in Amritavahini which elated the mood of the gathering at Thyagaraja Gana Sabha.