In this creative competition, members of two groups that are pitted against each other have to think on their feet and work together. Discovery Channel’s ‘Unchained Reaction,’ tests the resourcefulness of contestants.

In the episode of ‘Fire and Ice,’ December 14 at 9 p.m., judges Adam and Jamie challenge a team of rocket scientists and a family of special effects artists to build a ‘Fire and Ice’-themed multi-step machine.

‘Superhuman Showdown’ probes people with incredible abilities. Their feats are categorised under unifying traits that include speed, strength, skill and brain power.

In the episode ‘Endurance,’ December 15 at 9 p.m., meet Mohan Nair, who has an unusual capability – he is an electricity conductor. . He can harness huge electrical power and withstanding electric shocks with absolutely no adverse effects.

Next up is pilot Hannes. People typically pass out at forces of 4G, so how is he able to withstand 14G while flying a plane?

He is put through his paces, as the G-force is upped to levels that would make normal people experience tunnel vision and blackouts. However, Hannes defies logic.