Event At Swara—Music for life, Bombay Jayashri and Shujaat Khan enthralled the audience with their spotless rendition. Velcheti Subrahmanyam

It was like revolute of musical notes meandering in the blooming dale of ragas that mesmerised the music aficionados as Bombay Jayashri's silky voice mellifluously delivered the chosen kritis at Kalabharati, Visakhapatnam. She went on to make the evening a better experience for the audience as she progressed. She was at her evocative best all through. She commenced the session with Meru Samanadheera of Thygaraja in Mayamalavagoula. Her rendition of the piece reflected the sense of involvement as musically sketched the vision of Lord Rama as envisaged by Thygaraja. With perfect coalescence of raga bhava and sahitya bhava her rendition heightened the emotional appeal of the compositions. Though the concert was a brief one for about an hour and half, it ensured the musical pleasure in full measure.

She took up raga Kalyani for Etavunara of Thygaraja, as the mainstay of the session, which in its elaborate treatment testified her cascading manodharma in its myriad hues. Traversing at ease in the trajectory of chosen octaves, she negotiated finer shades by scaling the heights of raga and letting them unfold into its gorgeous facets in the process. It was a judicious blend of erudition, imaginative virtuosity and focused treatment.

Her deft swarakalpana was reflective of her grip over the syntax of classical music. Raga Reethigoula for Janani Ninuvina sparkled in its varied facets of emotional appeal to no end. Laced with exquisite raga essay be-jewelled in tender gamakas. Her dexterous swarakalpna at the line Manasi Sammodini was truly manasa sammodini for audience. Her presentation of Narayana Theertha's tarangam “ Mrigayatha Radhamadhavam muhuriha nigamavane dhavam ” (Search for our Lord again and again in these woods of Vedas) in raga Behag, vivified the quest of Gopikas for Lord Krishna in all its devotional fervor. She capped it with bubbly tillana of Lalgudi in raga Desh. Imabar S Kannan's violin support particularly his share of raga Kalyani was simply superb, while that of Patri Satish Kumar on mridangam was a tour de force.

Later, Ustad Shujaat Khan's sitar recital evoked warm response. Ably accompanied by Mukesh Jadhav and Amit Choubey on tabla, he presented a scintillating concert rich in classicism. He began it with raga Marubehag set to teen tal , which he ambled to a great extent bringing out its many a shade of musical radiance in the process. His rendition of folk number in raga Pahadi besides Kabir bhajan held the

audience in thrall.

L&T Finance Holdings in association with Mumbai-based Banyan Tree featured the event as part of its series Swara — Music for life.