S rivachana Bhushanam , is one among the 18 secret treatises of Pillai Lokacharya, a star of the first magnitude in the galaxy of Sri Vaishnava preceptors of the 13th century. He collected valuable sayings of his predecessors and strung them together so as to form a brilliant ornament for the mortal souls. This is Srivachana Bhushanam – good word jewel. Containing 461 sutras, it is classified into four chapters. One can understand the insights of this treatise only from the manipavala ( an admixture of Sanskrit and Tamil) commentary of another preceptor Manavala Mamunigal of 15th century.

To facilitate easy understanding of the commentary, the enterprising author N.C.Seetharamacharyulu has taken painstaking efforts to translate this esoteric text under four chapters in lucid Telugu for each Sutra, imbibing Kanchi Prathivadhi Bhayankaram Annangaracharya Swami's Andhra teeka . The author succinctly justified each sutra with a simple explanation. Srivachana Bhushanam underlines the quintessence that God will not grant His heavenly abode to those who are not devoted to their preceptors, even though they may have complete devotion towards God. The reason for the separation of Sita from Rama three times in Sri Ramayana, the significance of Mahabharatha, and a survey of the results of taking refuge in the Lord by various people like the Pandavas, Draupadi, Kakasura, Gajendra, Vibhishana and Sri Rama are well elaborated.

At the end, the author vividly describes the five fold knowledge to be comprehended by all. This book is useful for readers to know the basic tenets of Sri Vaishnavism.