Stunt-filled approach to science

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Perilous mission:Secrets of Everything
Perilous mission:Secrets of Everything

Daredevil science geek, Greg Foot, takes on a perilous mission in Discovery Channel’s ‘Secrets of Everything,’ March 30 at 9 p.m. The six stunt-packed episodes have answers to intriguing questions. What does human flesh tastes like? Why the sky is blue? Why a boomerang comes back? Could a coin falling from the Empire State Building kill you? These are just a few samples. To find out, Greg has been buried alive, shot, burnt, punched, zapped, frozen, and generally suffered in the name of science.

He goes under the knife to find out what humans taste like, heads to Reading Festival to see that if everyone on the planet jumped at the same time would it move the earth, and does stupid things with electricity to find out how to survive a lightning strike. He even tries fire walking.

This adrenaline junkie goes a step further and gets sucked into quicksand to discover how deadly it is. He also takes a gruesome look at what happens to our bodies when we die. He and a friend even attempt to dig to Australia. He will stop at nothing to answer some of life's weird and frequently asked questions.

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