Saran's eye for talentFilmmaker Saran has this rare knack of spotting talent. Raghava Lawrence, now a director to reckon with in Telugu, what with his `Mass' and `Style,' proving to be big hits, was a choreographer before Saran brought him to the limelight with the `Maha Ganapathi' number, which he danced for, in `Amarkkalam.' Then he made him an actor in his `Paarthaen Rasithaen.' Again it is Saran who is introducing Lawrence as a director in Tamil with his home production `Muni.' Nearly all Saran's finds have been successful, so it is expected that Lawrence will make it as a filmmaker in Tamil also with `Muni,' which is gearing up for release. Quite a line-up`Jayam' Ravi's dad and producer,film editor Mohan, is so taken in bythe way his son's new film, `Deepavali'is shaping up, and with the publicitymills that are working overtime thatRavi will do another film for Lingusamy'sproduction house. To be directedby Bhoopathy Pandian, whoserecent `Thiruvilaiyaadal Aarambam'has proved a hit, the project will go onthe floors after `Jayam' Ravi completes`Dhaam Dhoom.' Of course,work on `Dhaam Dhoom,' will beginafter `Deepavali' is completed.Time matters little"So what if his projects take their own time tobe completed? He always carves them out successfullyand that's what matters," defends thePRO of `Maayakannaadi' when you ask himabout Cheran's film, which, like his previousones, has been in the making for quite a while."It's a universal theme once again from Cheran.Every young man has his own dreams of a rosyfuture. But the dreams do not always translateinto reality. Yet we go on with our lot, sometimesreconciling to it and at others trying tofight it. It is one such youngster who will beportrayed in `Maayakannaadi,'" he goes on.And now he singsYou can hear Jeeva sing a songfor `Pori.' Composer Dhina hasshown a penchant for including actorsin his list of singers and thelatest is Jeeva. Dhina's `ManmadhaRaasa' created waves in `ThirudaThirudi' and the crew is confidentthat the fast paced song in `Pori'will find an equal number of takers."An out and out commercial venture,`Pori' will be another differentattempt for Jeeva after `E,'" says aunit member. Of course, Jeeva'scrooning ability ought to be an addedattraction.