Music Rare keertanas were presented during the Sampradaya Sangeetha Nivedana.

T raditional arts like Harikatha and rendition of many Sampradaya kirtanas, written by various Dasas (devotees) of Lord Sri Rama remain forgotten now. In earlier days, some of these compositions were recalled by grandparents at home. In order to revive these ancient forms and introduce them to the younger generation, Nada Prabha, an association dedicated to propagate traditional and classical art forms, held a programme at Ravindra Bharati. The event saw staging of Harikatha and rendition of rare Dasa Sampradaya Kirtanas of various poets.

The Harikatha titled Thyagaraja Yoga Vaibhavam was presented by M.V. Simhachala Sastry Bhagavathulu of Tirupathi, a scholar and Carnatic musician. Dasa Sampradaya kirtanas were presented by Carnatic vocalist Modumudi Sudhakar of Vijayawada, a scion of the renowned guru Parupalli Ramakrishnayya Pantulu. Sudhakar appeared to have done good homework in collecting these rare songs and in tuning them in apt ragas.

The first impression we get listening to his Harikatha is Simhachala Sastry's adept rendition of Thyagaraja kritis with perfect Sahitya Bhava. He narrated the story of Thyagaraja. Thyagaraja grew up in a devotional atmosphere and began composing songs mostly on Sri Rama.

Among many compositions the Bhagavatar rendered were Rama Nanubrovara in Hari Kambhoji, Guruleka Etuvanti in Gowri Manohari, Dorakuna Ituvanti Seva in Bilahari, and Srirama Padama in Amrutha Vahini and many more. He was accompanied by P. Nageswara Rao on violin and M. Vijayakumar on mridangam.

Dasa Sampradaya kirtanas

These kirtanas were devotionals written by poets of the bygone era. Modumudi Sudhakar set a dozen songs to tune in his repertoire, rendering one song from each of these composers. Sudhakar rendered them in chorus along with Anjana, Sravanti, Lavanya and Sritiranjani — all noted vocalists of Vijayawada. The group was accompanied by P. Nageswara Rao on violin, M. Vijayakumar on mridangam and Haribabu on ghatam.

Sudhakar gave a brief life sketch of each of the composers belonging to Dasa Sampradaya. He opened with Toomu Narasimha Dasu's Leraa Naapaali in Bowli and ended the show with Ramadasu's Pahirama Prabho in Madhyamavati. Composition of Munipalle Subrahmanya Ka