Shedding our blinkers

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This book is a sequel to the earlier one ‘Telanganame Andhra Pradesh’, obviously penned with an intention to drive home the point of a fatalistic move to split the region which logically has no reason for a divide.

The opening chapter delves in detail with the pros and cons of the argument forwarded by ‘foolish’ brigade in favour of a separate Telangana despite the linguistic commonality. Vast quotations by erstwhile Telangana litterateurs like Dasarathi, Suravaram Pratap Reddy and others have been used to authenticate the author’s stand which is also the view of the intelligentsia of the State. ABK Prasad’s writings are often barbed with sarcasm like his comment on the unique characteristics of Telugu man through the eyes of Bhogaraju Pattabhiramayya (‘manavarantha athiradhule gaani uparadhulu kaaru. Manaki second rate naayakatvam ekkuvaga undi’), his scathing attack on KCR’s antecedents and his present stance, ‘Aa IMA ekkadidi, ee CEO lu evvaru?’, BJP’s ‘indianisation’ farce and the like. The style of writing makes for an interesting, informative read, especially for the present day generation that hardly reads the newspaper and makes do with melodramatic ‘channel’ news that evaporates the moment it enters the brain.

The book gives a sweeping account of the struggle for Telugu language status, not just the recent one, but one that was actually taken up post-Nizam rule; it unveils the sham of politically-driven developmental activities that stand to benefit none but the politicians and their parties.

The author also condemnsthe spate of meaningless suicides of innocent young souls, spurred by Telangana fanatics in no mean terms, as also the destruction and desecration of sculptures of our great men. At every juncture there is a juxtaposition of the present day fascist attitude with historical facts to throw light on the richness of Telugu culture and literature which has developed into a fatal virus ( tegulu )!

In fact, these facts of the past serve to enhance our knowledge of our language and our people, aiding us in removing the blinkers and in the process to take a balanced view on the current happenings. Telugu nene… is a bugle call to eschew this fabricated fight for an independent region and see things in an illuminated manner.

The appendices along with illustrations and maps sum up as well as details certain vital issues that act as pointers to ensure discretion, rationale and finally the truth.



by Dr. A.B.K. Prasad

Visalandra Publishers, Bank Street, Hyderabad, Rs.200



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