Tenali Raman

Amrita TV brings to the mini-screen the adventures of one of the most popular and beloved characters of Indian history - Tenali Raman. Known for his wit and flair for poetry, he was the court poet and jester of Krishnadeva Raya of the Vijayanagara empire. Join `Tenali Raman' Monday to Friday at 19.30 as he faces adversaries with his intelligence and charm. This serial, directed by T.S. Suresh Babu starts January 22.

Pavithra Jaililanu

Pavithra Warrier is a well-known dancer who has an ardent admirer in Chakravarthy Palodan. They marry. However their marriage is short-lived as Parvathi is arrested for having killed Manoj Babu, who was supposedly Parvathi's lover. She delivers a child in prison. The child is brought up in prison. After five years, the jail authorities want to send her daughter to an orphanage despite Parvathi's objections. A new prison Welfare Officer Rose Mary assumes charge. A friend of Parvathi's she is shocked to find Parvathi behind bars. What happens when Parvathi gets a one-day parole forms the highlight of Asianet's new serial `Pavithra Jaililanu.' Sreejith Palleri is directing this story by Kamala Govind. Keerthana, Sonia, Madhupal and Baiju form part of the cast. The serial is on Monday to Friday at 21.00 starting January 22.