Script lacks focus, plot is flimsy - Solla Solla Inikkum

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Genre: Romance

Director: G. Murali Abbas

Cast: Navdeep, Abinai, Ashis Vidyarthi, Vijayakumar, Livingston, Sathyan, V.M.T.Charlee, Madhumita, Mallika Kapoor, Sara, Suja, Meerakrishnan, Sriranjani, Devadarshini.

Storyline: The hero is repeatedly disappointed in love. Finally when he does find it (love), a misunderstanding makes her walk out on him.

Bottomline: The story lacks focus and the director seems to be meandering in the dark.

A problem some of the new directors face is that they take a good one-liner and try to weave a storyline or screenplay around it. In doing so, they go completely off-track. Director G. Murli Abbas’s ‘Solla Solla Inikkum’ is an example. In the bargain, the talent of some noted actors such as Prakash Raj, Asish Vidyarthi, Vijayakumar, Livingston and V.M.T.Charlie is also wasted.

This M.Cinema film follows a linear narrative, where hero Sathya (Navdeep) is repeatedly disappointed in love. Neither Radhika (Madhumita) nor Anjali (Sara) reciprocate his feelings.

An upset Sathya tries to move on to overcome his disillusionment. Then he meets Anu (Mallika Kapoor), who finally responds to his love. Unfortunately, there is a misunderstanding between him and Radhika, who divulges his romantic escapades in front of Anu. Anu is furious and walks out on him.

Despite the flimsy plot and no focus in the script, the director stretches the storyline with some unwanted scenes. And so the film sags, as does the interest of the viewers.

It is a pity that the young actor, Navdeep’s potential has not been realised in the roles he has done. It is obvious that he works hard on his dance steps, fight sequences and also emotes well, but the effort goes in vain.

Limited scope

When well known actors are wasted in their roles, the scope is very limited for heroines such as Madhumita, (she has a few more scenes than the others) Suja and Sara. Mallika Kapoor actually acts in a few scenes.

The director has luck on his side to have got actors such as Meera Krishnan, Sriranjani (both play the mother’s role) and Devadharshini (as wife of Prakash Raj).

He has also got good technicians too, such as Arthur A. Wilson (camera), V.T.Vijayan (editiong) and Bharadwaj (music). Although the songs are good, they come in the wrong places and are more of a hindrance than help. Only in the first half does Sathyan’s comedy evoke some laughter.

The screenplay has loose ends that rob the dialogue of pep. The director, who has also been in charge of story, screenplay and dialogue, seems to have lost his grip from the first reel itself.




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