Aquick glance at “Saiva Samaya Kalai Kalanjiyam:”

Volume 1 deals with Saivism in Tamil Nadu, while the scene at the world-level is discussed in Volume 2 with appropriate notings in English focusing on the evolution and growth of Saivism. The third volume is exclusively on devotional literature, from Thirugnanasambandar to Sekkizhar. The method of rendering the songs, the way it has been set to music and the evolution of a tradition maintained till this day have been graphically described.

While Volume 4 deals with 476 Padal Petra Sthalangal, Volume 5 is devoted to 4,500 temples from the 9th century till date. Volume 6 contains details of great servitors of Lord Siva, including Agasthiyar, Arunagirinathar and 700 great savants. Three hundred Siddhar samadhis of Tamil Nadu have also been enumerated.

Volume 7 talks about divine books on Saivism, in the past 2000 years and Volume 8 Saiva philosophy in 800 pages. The penultimate volume discusses Saiva mutts and organisations that promote Saivism, including great devotees who served in various capacities.

The final volume, number ten, is an alphabetical index for the nine volumes, containing, apart from a detailed comparative study of 40 world religions, publisher's preface, chief editor's remarks, short notes or biographies of authors who served on the editorial board and wrote the foreword.