SOLO Striking a rapport with the audience, Bombay Jayashri offered an engaging concert. H. Ramakrishnan

I t was by all means an unforgettable concert. And, incidentally what is it that makes a fine recital? Sound planning (including selection and duration of songs), superior presentation, admirable mood, and a receptive audience? Yes, Bombay Jayashri Ramnath's concert had all these elements in exact proportion. She struck an instant rapport with the audience (in spite of additional chairs provided, about 50 rasikas were accommodated on the dais).

The Kalyani Jayashri presented was full of vitality. Her love for the mother was more than evident - yes, ‘Sruthi Maatha.' With two tamburas in attendance, her mellifluous voice was in total unison. Her greatest asset is Sruti Sudhdham. H.N. Bhaskar on the violin was equally pleasing in the raga elucidation.

Tyagaraja's expansive ‘Enthuko Nee Manasu' was the chosen kriti. The niravals both at ‘Neevegathiyanusu' and ‘Tyagaraja Hrudaya' were alluringly appealing. The swaras were at the Pallavi and swara kuraippu was soft and sweet. Bhaskar met the challenge with competence. J. Vaidyanathan (mridangam) and Anirudh Athreya (ganjira) offered an impressionable thani. Vaidyanathan skilfully deployed the feather touch to give it a musical structure. His concluding korvai was indeed a thing of sheer beauty.

In RTP too, she excelled. Raga and thana were rendered in Kalyanavasantham, Khamas and Sallapam. The shift between ragas was smooth as silk.

Splendid RTP

The Pallavi ‘Kuzhaloothum Amuthoottum Manivannaa' in Chathusrajathi Triputai, Khanda Nadai with eduppu after two Aksharas was outstanding. She added Sumanesaranjani, Malayamarutham and Kanada also in it. Her talent came to the fore in the splendid rendering of the RTP effortlessly.

The vocalist opened her concert with Narayana Tirtha's Tharangam, ‘Jaya Jaya Swamin' in Nattai, with swaraprasthara. Dikshitar's masterpiece ‘Ranganayakam' transported the audience to Srirangam. After an elaborate alapana, Jayashri rendered the Abheri kriti of Tyagaraja, ‘Nagumomu.' The swaras were at the Pallavi.

The nasika Bhooshani kriti ‘Maaravairi Ramani' of Tyagaraja in Rupakam was breezy. Jayashri concluded her engaging concert with the Ashtapati ‘Yamihe Kamiha Saranam' in Misra Mand, ‘Koovi Azhaitthaal Kural Koduppaan' and a Sindhu Bhairavi thillana.

Suggestion to the Sabha: Let it remain as it is, without air-conditioning – which would mean closing all the four sides. Now, the cool evening breeze that wafts through the sheltered hall offers a heavenly feeling – the one you get in a temple praakaara.