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Madhavi Ramkumar
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MUSIC Deft and melodious touches marked T.V. Gopalakrishnan's concert

A vocal concert by celebrated musician Dr.T.V. Gopalakrishnan was organised recently by Sri Rathnalaya Foundation, Bangalore, in association with the Department of Kannada and Culture. He was accompanied by Charulatha Ramanujam (violin), Lakshmi Thangavelu (mridanga), Balaji (khanjira), and Dayanidhi (morsing), with Maragathavalli and Pavandeep lending vocal support.

A brisk beginning was made with the navaragamalika varna set to adi tala, followed by a brief sketch of Natta and the Purandaradasa composition “Vandisuvu” in khanda chapu thala, suffixed with kalpana swaras. A concise alapana of Arabhi, replete with deft and melodious touches, and the Pancharatna krithi ‘Sadhinchene', were succeeded by a bhava-laden elaboration of Hindolam with a distinct and spontaneous focus on the tara sthayi, and Deekshithar's “Saraswathi Vidhiyuvathi”. “Bagayanayya” in Chandrajyothi was bedecked with kalpana swaras incorporating appealing melodic patterns.

Abheri was taken up for a fairly detailed alapana that exemplified the artiste's well-known style and immense experience in a plethora of sancharas that ranged from the mandra sthayi panchama and further down to the shadja, and right up to the tara sthayi panchama with effortless ease. A blend of smooth and evocative phrases and intricate brigha-laden ones highlighting the consonance between the gandhara and the nishada, served as prelude to a highly ornamented rendition of Thyagaraja's “Nagumomu” in adi tala, and a spate of kalpana swaras. The item, augmented by exceptional support from the violinist, conforming faithfully to the mandate of the lead artiste, was succeeded by a tani avarthana that combined skill with synchronisation. ***

The valedictory function of the ‘Workshop on Compositions of Vainika Sikhamani Mysore Sri Veene Seshanna' was hosted by MES Kalavedi last weekend.

The first part of the programme comprised a group rendition by students of the workshop, indicative of the quality and wide variety of ragas and talas in the compositions of the legendary musician and master composer. Beginning with a varna in Nattakurinji raga and khanda jathi triputa tala tala, the presentation also included a swarajathi in Karnataka Kapi raga and khanda jathi atta thala, the krithi “Emani Delupudura” in Vachaspathi and a thillana in Begada, both set to aditala, and a devaranama in Nadanamakriya raga and mishra chapu thala.

The second session was a concert by the Rudrapatnam Brothers, R.N. Thyagarajan and Dr.R.N. Tharanathan, ably accompanied by M.S. Govindaswami (violin) and M.T. Rajakesari (mridanga). The first item was a beautiful swarajathi in Kamboji raga and adi thala incorporating complex swara patterns that could serve as excellent learning tools for aspiring musicians. A compact, yet lilting alapana of Anandabhairavi, served as prelude to the krithi “Rama Ninnu Neranammithira” in rupaka thala, adorned with a few crisp kalpana swaras. The essence of Rishabhapriya was encapsulated in an alapana of moderate length, and in the krithi ‘Inthashodhanamulaku' set to rupaka thala, ornamented with a fine neraval and kalpana swaras at the line beginning ‘Sannuthangudaina'. Two exquisite thillanas in Behag and Janjhuti, both in adi thala, were the concluding pieces of the performance, bearing testimony to the rich legacy left behind by Veene Seshanna.

Madhavi Ramkumar



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