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T he Gatilaya Foundation invites you to “Laya Maadhurya Smarane”, an event to pay obeisance to the late mridangam maestro Palghat R. Raghu. One recalls P.S. Raghavans' words about the musical genius, “Palghat Raghu was, throughout his career spanning six decades, known for the intellectual content of his mridangam playing, as he never settled for mediocrity. Even in the early days of his career, as a young artiste, he came into the Carnatic music field as a ‘connoisseur's delight' and remained so till his last days. His mridangam was a treat to the trained and enlightened listener who came to the concert hall always expecting some intellectual stimulation through his fertile ideas and innovations in tala and laya. He believed in whetting the appetite of the connoisseurs while providing listening pleasure to the uninitiated listener. Through his intelligent and innovative approach, he always provided food for thought to the knowledgeable listeners, students of music, his peers and contemporaries and senior vidwans in the audience. He was always serious and sincere and believed in elevating the concert to a higher level, regardless of the occasion, venue or who the main artiste was. He felt it was the duty of senior artistes to cultivate and enhance the level of appreciation and knowledge of the rasikas by exposing them to the nuances of our music. He deprecated any attempt to dilute the standards and was always in the forefront propagating excellence.”

The event will be held on January 15 at 5 p.m. at the Bangalore Gayana Samaja, K.R. Road. It will start with a video clip of Palghat Raghu's performance followed by a lecture demonstration on the unique features of his style of playing. After which there will be a concert which will feature Abhishek Raghuram on vocals, Mysore Srikanth on violin and Anantha R. Krishnan on mridangam.



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