Mahanavami - Vijayadashami special shows

(Asianet, September 27 and 28, 06.30 onwards)

Asianet has a special line-up of shows for Mahanavami and Vijayadashami. On September 27, Mahanavami day, the special shows begin with ‘Anantham Ajnatham’ at 06.30 followed by ‘Navarathri Stuthi’ at 07.30. ‘Mahanavami ganangal’ is at 07.30. ‘Hit Bazaar’ is at 09.05. ‘Top 5’ is a journey through some evergreen songs from Mollywood. At 10.00 is a chat with actor Lakshmi Sharma followed by ‘Saraswatham’ a glimpse into some Saraswathi temples in Kerala.

The film ‘Goal’ is at 11.00. Meet celebrities and their families in ‘Kudumbavishesham’ at 14.00. In ‘Cinema diary’ at 14.30, catch up with the latest on-location news. The film ‘Positive’ is at 15.30.

On September 28, Vijayadashami day, ‘Bhadradeepam’ with devotional songs is at 06.30. A special ‘Suprabhatam’ is at 07.00. ‘Aadhyaksharam’ is at 07.30 followed by ‘Navami mahatmyam’ at 08.30. The film ‘Harikrishnans’ is at 09.00 and the home improvement show ‘Adukkala’ is at 11.30. At 12.30 is the comedy skit ‘Akkare Ikkare.’ The film ‘Nadiya kollapetta rathri’ is at 13.00. At 16.25 and 16.30, there are special episodes of ‘Cookery Show’ and ‘Valkannadi’ respectively.


(Asianet, Weekdays, 22.30)

It is the story of police officer Priyamvada who is on the trail of a series of unsolved murders, which appear to have a common thread in the form of a figurine found at the scenes of crime. Scripted and directed by S. Janardhanan, it stars television actors Sharath, Kollam Thulasi, T.P. Madhavan, Jayan, Sajitha Betty, Kavitha Nair and Sangeetha Mohan.