Sree Krishna Jayanthi special shows

Asianet presents a variety of special shows for Sree Krishna Jayanthi on September 11 starting with ‘Bhagavamritam’ at 06.00. This is followed by ‘Upasana’ at 06.30. A special ‘Suprabhatham’ is at 07.00. The ‘Cinemala’ team present the comedy skit ‘Best Manavalam 2009’ at 08.20. The movie ‘Nandanam,’ starring Prithviraj and Navya Nair, is at 09.00. At 11.30 is ‘Onathinidayil Puttukachavadam.’ The film ‘Rasatantram,’ starring Mohanlal, Meera Jasmine and Bharat Gopi, is at 13.00. At 16.00 is ‘Sandhya Thirakkilaanu’– a tête-À-tête with South Indian actor ‘Kadal’ Sandhya.

Surya TV too presents specials on Sreekrishna Jayanthi. ‘Bhajans’ at 06.00 is followed at 06.30 by ‘Krishnatheertham,’ a journey through the Krishna temples of Kerala. The dance show ‘Radhamadhvam’ is at 08.30.

The film ‘Natturajavu’ is at 09.00. ‘Priya Padma’ is a tête-À-tête with actor Padmapriya. Actor T.G. Ravi and his son and actor Sreejith chat in ‘Achanum makanum’ at 12.00. The film ‘C.I.D. Moosa’ is at 13.15 and a chat with actor Samvritha Sunil is at 16.00. At 16.30 is the film ‘Laptop,’ starring Suresh Gopi.

Njan Sthree

(Asianet Plus, Saturdays, 20.00)

Yesteryear actor Sheela interviews some of Kerala’s most renowned women from various fields and professions in this new chat show. Get to know of their struggles to get to the top. What are the injustices they faced and how did they overcome them? How do they balance their careers with family life and the like.

Top Loser

(Asianet Plus, Saturdays, 20.30)

The new reality show is all about the obese. Watch how the contestants – men above 100 kg and women above 80 kg – struggle to loose weight under the guidance of dieticians and fitness experts. And the ‘top loser’ among all of them walks away with the prize.

Munch Star Singer Junior

(Asianet, Weekends, 20.00)

The reality show to find the most talented young singer has completed 100 episodes. Actor Mukesh took part in the celebrations for the 100th episode, in which the judges for the show – playback singers G. Venugopal and Sujatha – enthralled with their performances. Magician Gopinath Muthukad was also on hand to entertain with his tricks. The competition heats up among the remaining seven girls and two boys as the show approaches its last leg.