A walk with Subaida

(Asianet Plus, weekdays, 18.30)

In this travelogue, anchor Subaida takes the viewer through the interiors of Kerala; to little known places tucked away into the countryside that reflect the ethos of our beautiful State. She introduces the viewer to Kerala’s major tourist spots too.

Iron Hearts

(Asianet Plus, Saturdays, 20.00)

This show introduces viewers to some extraordinarily courageous people, who have overcome the biggest odds.

Ithihya Keralam

(Asianet Plus, Saturdays, 21.00)

It is a journey through the sacred and ancient archaeological sites of Kerala. It introduces the viewer to the the myths surrounding them and the traditions and customs associated with these places. Hosted by Jairaj Warrier, the programme, a kind of travelogue, also has tête-À-têtes with renowned people.

Super Chef

(Asianet Plus, weekends, 18.30)

Discover the culinary delights of various places across Kerala. Get to know of unique delicacies and specialities of local cuisine.


(Asianet News, Mondays, 22.00)

The weekly show investigates sensational crimes. The show that is packed with eyewitness interviews is about to complete 300 episodes.

Wonder World

(Kairali TV, Saturdays, 17.30)

It is an interactive, live tele-quiz show. Callers will be given three options for questions and once the choice is made, three options will be given as answers.

In between the show, bytes on national and international environmental affairs are shown.