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Refreshing experience

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IN SYNC: Lalgudi G.J.R. Krishnan and Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi were tuned to each other. They were accompanied by Umayalpuram Sivaraman on the mridangam.
IN SYNC: Lalgudi G.J.R. Krishnan and Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi were tuned to each other. They were accompanied by Umayalpuram Sivaraman on the mridangam.


Lalgudi G.J.R. Krishnan and his sister Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi, heirs to a rich musical legacy, highlighted the core of each raga they played.

One may have listened to Lalgudi G.J.R. Krishnan and his sister Vijayalakshmi presenting a violin duet several times and every time it is a refreshing experience. It could be because the duo belongs to the sishya-parampara of Tyagabrahmam or because of their rich repertoire. They have been trained in such a way that the quintessence of a raga comes to life the moment the bow touches the strings.

Telepathic understanding

The swaraprasthaara of a chosen kriti blends harmoniously with the score with one of the duo acting as a good foil to the other in terms of technique, when playing turn by turn. While they play together, there is a telepathic understanding between the two that is astonishing. The violin duet presented by the Lalgudi siblings at Kodamkulangara Dharma Sastha Temple at Thripunithura in connection with Makaravilakku celebrations, was attended by a number of music lovers. They began the concert with a varnam in Ataana (`Ramanai Raghuramani'), composed recently by their father, Lalgudi Jayaraman. A fluent Shanmukhapriya preceded Dikshitar's `Sidhivinayakam' with a brief session for swaras. Chaarukeshi was portrayed by Krishnan, to follow it up with Tyagaraja's `Aadamodi.' Kalpanaswaras grafted to it had an absorbing beauty, strictly within the confines of Lalgudi's school. Vijayalakshmi came up with a stately Kharaharapriya which was embellished by a tinge of Thodi and Sankarabharanam, with a subtle manipulation on the basic scale (Shruthibhedam), before returning adroitly to the scale of the parent raga. `Appan Avatharitha' by Papanasam Sivan suited the occasion and ambience of the premises. The rare Naasikaabhooshani was played by Krishnan. `Amba Paradevathe' in Rudrapriya (Khandachaappu), composed by Tirunelveli Krishnaswamy Iyer, enabled the duo to exhibit their grasp in the realm of laya. The centre piece of the concert was Kambhoji (`O Ranga saayi') followed by ragam thaanam pallavi in Ranjini and a thillana by Lalgudi in Vasanthi. Umayalpuram Sivaraman on the mridangam playfully teased the duo with his skill in the areas of Meettu, Chaappu and Ghumki. V. Suresh handled the ghatom sweetly.



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