With so many fusion bands around, how have you been able to sustain for such a long time?

You need to get your basics right. Fusion is not a mish-mash of sounds. One should understand the nuances of each genre. The compositions should be worked out in detail with each tune in place.

Is the East-West combination of music a sure recipe for success?

Musicians today include different elements in order to appeal to a larger audience. In our music, there is a perceptible Western influence, but it is rooted in native sounds. The ingredients are diverse, but the flavouring is definitely Indian.

How difficult it is to have the same wavelength during the creative process? Are there never any differences of opinion?

Without differences, there can be no creative work. The challenge is to bring out the best in each other. We love the process of working together, and when a new composition comes alive, we feel like parents of a newborn.

What is the line-up for your November Fest show?

There will songs from our albums, may be some fresh compositions and, of course, on-demand film numbers!