Art A show where the canvas has a direct conversation with the viewers. PRABALIKA M. BORAH

Po10tial 3is a group show of 10 artists at Kalakriti Art Gallery with a difference. If one artist has portrayed thoughts through a play of bubbles, another has light playing in watercolour to highlight the changing face of Charminar in the Old City. We have seen artists portray Lord Ganesha in different styles and pose, in this exhibition artists have chosen the deity Hanuman and the mountain. The meanings that paintings convey are easy for the viewers to understand . Some of the frames are straightforward but have a very intelligent approach. Take the frames of Noopur where the artists has used tiny bubble-like images to portray the feeling of staying afloat. Her work reflects the happy state of the subject. One canvas looks like a girl is dancing on the bubble, to celebrate life. She has named her work, ‘Quintessential ecology’. Anand Bekwad chose to show the Charminar without ignoring the busy life around it. As he plays with dawn and dusk and frames it, subtle hints like the appearance and disappearance of a makeshift ‘plastic’ canopy indicate the beginning and end of the day’s trade. Aptly done in watercolour, the image made by allowing colours to blot, accurately shows the busy life around the monument. Artist Thirumala Thirupati shows his muse Hanuman in the modern age. The mythical hill Sumeru which Hanuman carries had the sacred Sanjeevani herb, but in the painting, Thirumala replaces the herb with money, suggesting that money is the panacea of all ills these days. It can also buy healthcare. Another interesting style of painting is seen in Purna Chandra Prasad’s work. Made to resemble mosaic, the artist’s canvas is filled with dots in various shades, giving it a set pattern to bring out the story of urban buildings.