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V. Nagaraj
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N.R. Mohalla Sangeetha Sabha in Mysore had sponsored a three-day music festival Thyagaraja Purandaradasa Aradhana, on a grand scale. The inaugural programme was by Saralaya Sisters (Kavitha and Triveni) of high repute, which they, with all fortitude, endeavoured to preserve on the present occasion. The concert comprised around 12 numbers — they could have presented fewer numbers making room for more elaborations. In addition, defective acoustics and the audio system significantly hindered the progression and jeopardised the singers' extempore. Because of the above reasons, the present concert fell short of expectations.

Singers commenced the concert with M. Balamuralikrishna's composition “Gana Sudharasa Paana” in Naata. Melodious singing complemented the lyrics dedicated to Shri Thyagaraja. Articulation in the higher octaves, which the singers materialised fluently supported by subtle vocal modulations enhanced the devotion-rich passages.

Saving such shortcomings, the concert thrived on merits in alapana , neraval and swarakalpana sections, which were rather pleasing. Whereas, “Merusamaana Dheera” (Mayamalavagoula), “Chera Ravademira” (Rithigoula), “Seethamma Maayamma” (Vasantha), “Karuna Elagante” (Varali) and “Enduku Ni Manasu” (Kalyani) were some of the numbers representing Thyagaraja's works, compositions like “Chandrachuda Shivashankara” (Ragamalika), “Sakalagrahabala Neene” (Athana), “Daasana Maadiko Enna” (Nadanamakriya) stood for Purandaradasa's works.

Of the above, “Enduku Ni Manasu” in Kalyani (focus of the concert) had a detailed alapana , neraval at “Raaga Rahitha Shri Rama” followed by sprightly swaraprastara . The tani avarthana added lustre to the number. The accompanists' lively passages passing through intricate layavinyasas and the special effects they created, in a way collectively served as the perceptible and definable feature of the concert capable of riveting the audience.

Aditi Krishna Prakash (violin), Tumkur B. Ravishankar (mridanga) and T.A. Ramanujan (morsing – lively and captivating) constituted the music ensemble.

V. Nagaraj



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