W e have all seen his comic timing and admired his work in the field. Remembered for his portrayal of Nandu aka Nandan Verma in ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi’, Gaurav is back after his stint in ‘Tota Weds Maina’. In his latest TV outing ‘Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal’, aired on Colors, he dons the role of a woman. Excerpts from the interview…

In the soap ‘Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal’, y ou play a woman . How difficult was it to get into the character?

I play the lead role of Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal. It is an exciting role. Any actor would love to play such a character which is full of challenges. The role requires me to be in different situations.

It was really tough, both physically and emotionally. I had to wait for nearly two to three hours to put on make-up and get dressed. I was uncomfortable wearing heavy earrings and walking around in heels. It definitely is a new thing for me. I have started understanding and respecting women a lot more now.

What is the flavour of the show?

It is comical. It represents the spice of life. Aaj kal ka zamaana fast pace ka hai (Life is fast paced today). In the same way, the story has a fast pace. It is a complete comedy of errors.

Did you leave the show ‘Tota Weds Maina’ to do this one?

No, I did not. The show was on air for some months and then the producers decided that the show will go off air.

How have the responses been for ‘Jhumroo’?

It is basically a Broadway musical in Delhi. I am really lucky that I got the opportunity to play this role. I have received a lot of appreciation from the audiences.

You have been trapped in the image of a comic actor….

I do a variety of roles. I have anchored a lot of shows as a host. I do not consider comedy to be a trap for me. This is something that I enjoy doing. I am capable of doing several roles but I choose not to do heavy duty roles as they don’t interest me. I do only those roles which I like doing.