SEMINAR The 41 {+s} {+t} Kamban Vizha emphasised the need to encourage youngsters learn literary works. B. Ramadevi

Literary festivals in honour of great poets tempt you to read the epics after listening to the thought-provoking speeches by participating speakers.  Professor Sundaramurthy, former Vice Chancellor of Tamil University, Thanjavur, had many interesting things to say in the course of his presidential speech on the inaugural day of the 41{+s}{+t}Kamban Vizha organised by Kovai Kamban Kazhagam, Coimbatore.

While emphasising the need to encourage youngsters to learn literature, he stated that Aristotle taught literature to Alexander when he was seven years old.

When someone asked how that would benefit the little boy, the teacher replied with conviction, “By absorbing the greatness of the previous generation through literature, Alexander will also become great.”

What worked for Alexander can work for our youngsters too, can’t it?

He spoke with concern about the need to preserve old books and get them reprinted. Quoting Vivekananda, he pointed out that one should search for the old books as a mother would search for a lost child.

Interesting facts

Later, Raja Mohammed, known as ‘Ramayana Sayabu’, spoke on ‘Paadhangal Ivaiyennil, Padivangal Eppadiyo?’ His speech was packed with interesting information, but he did not give much time to the topic.  He barely touched the episode of ‘Ahalya Saaba Vimochanam,’ where Ahalya who had been transformed into a stone, is restored to human form by the touch of Rama’s feet.

The Kamban Vizha Malar, containing learned articles, was released by V.P. Sivakkozhundu, vice president, Puducherry Kamban Kazhagam. N. Nanjundan, secretary of Kovai Kamban Kazhagam, proposed the vote of thanks.

The second day was packed with events. In the forenoon, Dr. K. Arangaswamy, secretary, Gobi Kamban Kazhagam, and K. Vaidhyanathan, editor, Dinamani , presided over a ‘Sollarangam’ and a ‘Sindhanaippattarai’ respectively. In the evening, the students of Mani Higher Secondary School and Rasakondalar Matriculation School presented ‘Sundara Kandam,’ a dance ballet.

S. Sathyaseelan, president, Tiruchi Kamban Kazhagam, was the moderator for the debate session that tried to decide who was the most affectionate - Guhan, Lakshmanan or Kumabakarnan. A special feature this year was that all the 16 speakers were office bearers of various Kamban Kazhagams in Tamil Nadu.