Sangeeta Bala Padam (Part 2) – Varnam

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Here’s a guide book in English, for students of music which focusses on Varnams. The book deals with all forms of varnams such as Adi tala (for ragas such as Hamsadhwani and Saveri), Ata Tala (for ragas such as Kalyani and Thodi), Chaturasra Ata Tala (Varali), and Pada varnams (Kharaharapriya and vasanta) are discussed and explained in detail here.

This volume begins with basics on ragas and their classifications. Each chapter deals with one raga and is designed to provide a brief description of the raga followed by the lyric and the noatation. At the end of each chapter, there is additional information on some popular kritis in the raga discussed. The last few pages are devoted to Janya ragas, their aarohana and avarohana. A Tamil translation of the same is also available.

A useful guide for those who have reached the second starge of Carnatic music lessons.