eAmbalam, headed by musician T.V. Ramprasad and his dancer-wife Indira Kadambi, is launching an online College of Arts, today (December 15) to coincide with SaMaaGaMa 2012, a festival of interactive workshops and concerts to be held at Nageswara Rao Park, Mylapore, Chennai.

The eCollege will offer curriculum-based and one-to-one virtual classes in music (vocal and instrumental), dance and Yoga. Also on offer are classes in Hindustani vocal and instrumental.

The online Certificate/Diploma programmes include: e-learning modules with video instructions; well-researched comprehensive theory - general and applied; audio downloads for practice; regular ‘Meet your Teacher’ sessions and periodic assessments. The duration of the courses can be short-term (15 days to 1 year) or long-term (4 to 7 years).

Under the guidance of expert tutors, eAmbalam embraces e-learning as an opportunity to jointly explore Indian classical music and dance with fellow students and art lovers anywhere in the world. As a part of its CSR initiative, a portion of the revenues earned out of e-Learning will be utilised in educating underprivileged children in India.