On the razor's edge

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SEARCH FOR SELF: `Atheetham' has been directed by newcomer Devan Nair.
SEARCH FOR SELF: `Atheetham' has been directed by newcomer Devan Nair.


`Atheetham' is about a young man's search for truth.

The young man once viewed spirituality as a means of serving society. But after years of Vedic studies and training, as he is to be ordained as a monk, he begins to have doubts.

The journey begins

An act of injustice against which he is helpless makes him feel that he is cut off from society. So, he sets out into the world to search for a means to serve mankind. In the course of this search, he gets actively involved in politics, and later in charitable work. But he is unable to find solace in either. His journeys continue .... `Atheetham' (`Beyond the mind'), a 95-minute feature film directed by newcomer Devan Nair narrates the story of this young man's search. "It is a search for the truth, and that is just as a walk on a razor's edge,'' opines the director. The script is by Shatrugnan. A good part of the film was shot at Varanasi (Kashi). "We chose Varanasi because it is the spiritual capital of our country. It is also a land of contrasts. On one side, there is music and bhakti and on the other, the seamy side, there is prostitution. It symbolises the growth and decay in spiritual India,'' explains Devan Nair. The serene and solemn atmosphere and the waters of the Ganges have been aesthetically captured by cinematographer M. J. Radhakrishnan. Noted Kannada actor Dathatreya plays a guru in the film. Dathatreya won the national award for the best supporting actor twice for his performance in `Mouni' and `Munnodi,' both Kannada films. He says he agreed to do the film as he was impressed by the film's script and its focus on Indian culture. The cast includes Rahul Ishwar, Ramya Nambisan, Manikantan, Sreeraman, Urmila Unni and Hritwik.

Television serial

After his return from UAE, Devan Nair started an advertising firm Sonnet, which produced a television serial based on M. T. Vasudevan Nair's `Nallukettu.' Devan Nair's interest in cinema grew through his active involvement in film societies. His first direct contact with cinema was when he participated in creative discussions with director Kamal's team for the film `Ee Puzhayum Kadannu.' `Atheetham' was shot in two schedules at Chalakudy, Athirapally and Varanasi. The film produced under the banner Sonnet Cinema is slated for release in January 2007. Music has been scored by Pradyumnam Sharma. Isra Ansari, a Urdu poet has written the lyrics of a ghazal, which is rendered by Lata Ramdas.



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