Art Intricate and fine brush strokes make Dhiren Sasmal’s paintings distinct. Sangeetha Devi Dundoo

Artist Dhiren Sasmal uses an intricate mesh of fine brush strokes and cross-hatch patterns in almost all his paintings. All this detailing doesn’t overpower his work and this is where the veteran artist excels. The ongoing exhibition of Dhiren Samal’s paintings, Myriad Hues, is proof enough. The exhibition presents a collection of his paintings on childhood, nature and mythology.

Dhiren Sasmal’s favourite subjects seem to be children. A school girl lounging in a garden, a boy getting ready to fly a kite, a boy playing tricks with a worn out cycle tyre on the street and a girl playing with a paper boat are some works on display.

He maintains the cross-hatch pattern, uses colour themes of mint green and blue for his paintings, detailing them with varied textures.

The paintings, set against white frames, are easy on the eye. The artist explores the mythical world of children’s imagination before moving on to his famous images of Durga. In a linear, almost geometrical pattern, he draws the goddess in all her splendour. Images of Krishna and Parvathi with Ganesha are also part of the collection.

A sole painting of a horse, in motion, against a fiery red background, departs from the criss-cross pattern seen in the other paintings.

Myriad Hues, a solo exhibition of paintings by Dhiren Sasmal, is on at Alankritha Art Gallery, Kavuri Hills, till December 19.