Ammatanam … a collection of poems by Dr. Kollu Ranga Rao is an ode to all mothers. The book is a tribute to all the women who have sacrificed and shaped our lives. The book has a collection of 68 poems with titles such as Khayam, Arachakam, Sukhantam, Amma Ashirwaadam, Ammante Satyam amongst others. The author had published his first collection of poems titled Velugu Puvvulu in 1988 and has published 10 books till now.


Dr. Kollu Ranga Rao; Rs. 50

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Friends are forever

Sneham… O Kotha Lokam by G. Anil Kumar stays true to the adage ‘Friends are forever.' A student of B. Tech in Kuppam Engineering College in Kuppam, Anil Kumar likes to write short stories and poems. This is his debut work and the book was released in August 2011. The main theme of the book is that there is no life without friends and the book includes 35 real and message-oriented stories.

Sneham… O Kotha Lokam

G. Anil Kumar; Rs. 55

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Insightful guide

Sri Yagnyavalka Sahasranamavali is an insightful guide. While the commentator of the book is Ayala Somayajula Narasimha Sarma, the editor is Bollapragada Venkata Ramanarao. The speciality of the book is that the slokams have been explained in simple Telugu language by the editor and makes for a good read.

Sri Yagnavalka Sahasranamavali

Edited by Bollapragada Venkata Ramanarao

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43-9-166, T.S.N. Colony, Visakhapatnam

Rs. 100