Concert The ambience complimented the artiste’s soulful rendition

Up and coming vocalist K.S.S. Govinda’s impressive concert glowed in melody at Krishna Ashram Visakhapatnam. With a touch of spiritual aura in the air, the serene and inspiring ambiance at the ashram made him sing in full confidence that helped bring his budding talent out in all its exuberance. A disciple of Pantula Rama, he has good grounding in the rudiments of classical idiom of music. His brilliant opening of the chosen piece is indicative of his potential that holds out a good promise for bright future.

Ably accompanied by M Sriramya on violin and Jayadeep Sarma on mridangam, he was at his enthusiastic best all through. He commenced it with Todi varnam. Laced with swarakalpana, it augured well for the rest. His raga essays remained appealing and improvisations were fine and stood neatly executed. That he revels in singing is evident in every frame of the session. Having warmed up the session with varnam, he took up raga Hamsadwani for popular Vatapi of Muttuswamy Deekshitar.

Dressed with raga essay and swarakalpana, it was presented with an emphasis on devotional content of the composition. He chose raga Kalyani for Tallininnu for delineation as the mainstay of the session. With fairly good aalapana, fluent neraval and swarakaplana, it was reflective of good training imparted to him in terms of concert skills. While his presentation of raga Sama for Annapurne Visalakshi was , Maavallagadamma in raga Mand which evoked warm response. The other notables in his presentation were compositions in Madhupriya, Kadanakutuhalam and Pahadi. Sri Vijaya Thygaraja Sangeetha Sabha Featured it in a bid to encourage the young talents.