Great Works of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, various artists, three-CD pack, EMI, Rs. 395

P akistan-born Faiz is considered one of the most revolutionary Urdu poets of the 20th century.

His understanding of the human mind and emotions are reflected in his verses that endorse peace, hope, love and non-violence.

This CD set showcases some of his most definitive poems, performed by Mehdi Hassan, Iqbal Bano, Farida Khanum, Begum Akhtar, Nayyara Noor, Malika Pukhraj and Noor Jehan.

Great Works of Amir Khusro, various artists three-CD pack, EMI, Rs. 395

An iconic Indian Sufi poet, Khusro is regarded the father of qawwalis and ghazals. From playful riddles, songs and qawwalis to ghazals and fine poetry, Khusro's enormous range of works makes him a legend in his own right.

This three-CD pack, highlights his best work and the verses are sung by Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali, Sabri brothers, Iqbal Bano and Bilqees Khanum, among others.