(Zee Tamizh, Monday to Thursday, 8.30 p.m.)

This programme deals with paranormal incidents. This week’s stories revolve round three villages, where a deity Pandi Muni is believed to protect wealth, which is hidden under a rock.

The rock has alphabets in a different language inscribed on it and anyone who tries to read it is said to become mentally unstable.

There’s a village in Tamil Nadu where one can get treated for fractures, just like in Puttur. In another village, the residents do not give or take dowry. What’s more, the villagers do not consume alcohol so there are no bars there. Model villages, these!

Sarchai Singaram Saloon

(Jaya TV, Thursdays, 6.30 p.m.)

The local saloon is always a meeting point where visitors discuss subjects ranging from politics to cinema. Sarchai Singaram Saloon follows this concept with Balaji as the saloon owner and movie crazy Prabhakar his assistant. Humour runs as the common thread. Film clippings add colour to the show.

Thik...Thik... Thodarum Marmangal

(Jaya TV, Sundays, 9.00 p.m.)

Despite great advancements in science and technology, people often witness incidents that have a supernatural twist to them. This new programme brings to light some true stories which have occurred in different parts of Tamil Nadu and other States. If you love the supernatural, mystery and adventure, then this one is for you!

Tamizh Mannin Saamigal

(Jaya TV, Sundays, 8.30 a.m.)

A majority of people in Tamil Nadu worship village deities and each village has its own protector deity, with rich folklore about them. This programme seeks to discover several such deities, stories unique to these gods, the rituals involved and more.


(Jaya TV, Monday-Friday, 2.30 p.m.)

This is a show for women and by them. To be aired from September 14, it has three anchors from different walks of life. Every episode is narrated like a story. Some segments are ‘Shakti’ that features successful women; ‘Enakul oruthi’ where a chosen participant is given a complete makeover, ‘Top 5’ that rates favourites such as muhurtham saris, designer jewellery and kitchenware; ‘Kallathathu ulagalavu’ on computers; ‘Unnal Mudiyum’ that focusses on home improvement; ‘En Kelviku enna badhil’ where women discuss topics such as children and the media; and ‘Savale Samali’, a weight reduction competition.


(Makkal TV, Saturdays & Sundays, 10.30 p.m.)

Social activists, politicians and thinkers discuss contemporary issues such as reservation for women and education policies, and possible solutions to them.

Naalvar Isaithamizh Paamaalai

(Makkal TV, daily, 6.03 a.m.)

Assorted lyrical renderings from the works of Appar, Sundarar, Tirunavakkarasar and Sekkizhar are tuned into some soul-stirring songs and sung by odhuvaars.


(Makkal TV, Saturdays & Sundays, 1 p.m.)

This culinary programme focusses on authentic Tamil recipes long forgotten, such as kambanchoru and ellurundai. Don’t miss this traditional experience!

Aachi Thamizh Pechu Engal Muchu Chuttigal

(Vijay TV, Sunday, 9 a.m.)

This week, in ‘Thirai Suttru’, the chosen children will speak on topics such as ‘Love in cinema’, ‘Politics in cinema’, ‘Culture in cinema’ and ‘Friendship in cinema’. They have to quote relevant examples from Tamil films. Their oratorical skills will be evaluated by Parveen Sultana and Subaveerapandiayn, the judges of the show. Director-actor Pandiyarajan and S. S. Chandran are the special guests.

Anu Alavum Bayamillai

(Vijay TV, Friday & Saturday, 9 p.m.)

This reality show is now left with four daring women - Tharika, VJ Puja, Santhoshi and Aarthi. This week, they are dropped into a huge tub of water with their hand and legs tied.

They have to free themselves and find a key lying at the bottom and then swim out. Who will sink and who will sail? Watch to find out!