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Violin A violin symphony by Ashok Gurjale and his students was a thrill to watch. GUDIPOODI SRIHARI

Worth watching Kids play it right .
Worth watching Kids play it right .

W atching nearly 40 children play violin under the watchful eyes of their master Ashok Gurjale was a thrill to watch. Gurjale runs ‘Arabhi' music school and this show by budding violinists was witnessed recently at Ravindra Bharati. The occasion was Navya Sahiti Samiti's diamond jubilee celebrations.

The samiti has been in news for the last 75 years for conducting annual competitions for children in classical arts and awarding the winners.

On this occasion the samiti felicitated novelist and writer Pothukuchi Sambasiva Rao. The symphony led by Gurjale on lead violin, began with Sahana varnam in Adi talam. The children joined him in playing the numbers. The varnam set the tone and tenor.

Later, the group played Vatapi Ganapathim in Hamsadhwani. Gurjale played the raga with a few students and the kirtana was in Vilamba kala. The ensemble had the support of P.R.K.Sarma on mridangam, Narasimhulu on dolu, Sunil on electronic pads.

You can imagine what kind of impact the ensemble would have made with the presence of such seasoned artistes.

Later Gurjale presented an imaginative number titled Swaramadhuri set in six ragas . It was a thematic presentation of Pancha Bhootas (the five elements) - air, fire, water, earth and space. This number won an award from Doordarshan. There were variation in tunes and they were adapted to Indian and Western styles. Then Gurjale chose Annamacharya kirtana Adivo Alladivo in Madhyamavati. There were two more compositions of Annamayya with Brahmamokkate Parabrahmamokkate in Bowli. Another popular number Narayanate Namo Namo in Behag was also presented.

Following their guru

Gurjale chose to present another creation of his own titled Aspirations . All the children were playing by just reading the eyes of their guru and following his gestures. Nagumambe , a Tamil composition appeared next. It was a snake charmer's tune and the audience enjoyed it. Noticing the presence of a few Russian tourists in the auditorium, Gurjale chose Sankarabharanam as it resembles Western notation. Thyagaraja's Pancharatna kirtana Endaro Mahanubhavulu in Sriragam appealed to the audience because of its popularity. Only a dozen seniors among the children were seen playing this difficult number along with their guru. The symphony ended with a popular bhajan Jaya Jagadeesha Hare .

All the children were playing by just reading the eyes of their guru and following his gestures



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