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R ahul Ram, the lead vocalist and bass player of the band Indian Ocean, not only looks bohemian with his long pony tail, beard and wise eyes, but also thinks like one. His riveting presence is enough to mesmerise the audience and his voice has a raw power. The veteran respected for his enigmatic music is one of the judges of MTV's “Kurkure Desi Beats Rock on,” and talks here about his music and experiences.

What is your take on the reality shows?

They are supposed to be a platform which will propel the participant's career in Bollywood. However, how many eventually come out with their own music? All the glitz and glamour is there only in the beginning. The shows don't even shape the personality of a contestant well.

You are allowing free download of your new album? What was the intention behind it?

We are giving away one song from our new album “16/300 Khajoor Road” over a period of seven months. I believe, in the future, every artist will opt this way as it removes the barriers between a band and its fans. Moreover, we make our money through live concerts than by selling albums.

You have appeared in around 600 live concerts around the world. What do you like most about them ?

First of all, the experience is really thrilling. You feel an instant connection with your audience and the whole ambience makes you come alive. Moreover, I can play the same songs in different ways. Nothing is written down and improvisation is possible as well as easy. Secondly, I get to visit various places which otherwise would have been very difficult.

Do you have any Bollywood plans, especially after “Peepli Live”?

We had composed music for “Black Friday”though the music was released after the movie. I am always open to the idea. If the script is appealing, then I would be more than happy to work for a movie.

When bands all across are separating, how have you people managed to stick together?

We all started a little late. We used to do different things prior to this. I was studying, in fact, I have a Ph.D . Thus, by the time we embarked on our musical journey, we were already mature. Clashes and conflicts happen because of ego. And we have no ego issues. We don't even have a leader as we all put in equal effort. Moreover, we are all in love with music and want to make good music.




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