The five-day Tyagaraja Aaradhanotsavam attracted overwhelming response.

Tyagaraja Aaradhana concluded on an elate note thanks not only due to the initiative taken by the president of the Visakha Music and Dance Academy C.S.N. Raju but also all members of its management committee, its auditorium Kalabharati and its manager.The five-day Tyaraja Aaradhanotsavam attracted overwhelming response.

50 recitals

The Pancharatnakriti Seva rendered in group by about 200 artistes in the morning after puja at the Tyagaraja Mandir in the premises of Kalabharati and the absorbing discourse on the Upanishadsaaram embedded in the compositions of the Vaggeyakara marked the inaugural day.About 50 recitals (veena, vocal, violin, nadaswaram, flute, clarionet and harmonium) by senior students of Carnatic music of all age groups, accredited artistes and vidwans filled the air for about 11 hours each on the next four days. A total number of about 550 artistes thus took part in the fete.After the devoutly evocative recital constituted of compositions Eti yochanalu (Kiranavali), Oorikekaluguna (Sahana), Karunayele (Varali) and Nagumomu (Abheri) rendered by vidwanmani Mallapragada Jogulamba, on veena, the fete concluded on an ecstatically elate note with Aanjaneyotsavam, Mangalahaarathi and Prasada vitharana .