On location Actor Srikanth and director V. Samudra team up again for ‘Sevakudu'. M.L. NARASIMHAM

T hey just started the game. Four friends took time off to play a game of carom. While they are in the thick of it, a girl rushes towards them. “Cut”, orders director V. Samudra and producer -cinematographer M. Sudhakar's camera whirrs to a stop. Samudra known for his action based family entertainers, talks to the actors before commencing the next shot for Sri Mahaganapathy Films, Sevakudu. The four friends – Srikanth, Sivaji Raja, Srinivasa Reddy and Tirupati Prakash resume the play. Sivaji Raja holds a letter and reads it out as the girl and a couple of teenagers stand behind Srikanth. The trolley mounted camera held by Sudhakar moves forward to catch the hero's expressions in close up.

The shoot is in progress at a middle class house set in Saradhi Studios. The veranda, with simple modifications like pasting of movie posters and a sign board that reads ‘Surabhjan & Sons, pawn brokers' placed on top of a closed door, is turned into a pavement where the protagonist is relaxing with his friends playing caroms.

“Srikanth is cast as a police officer. The girl rushes to him to save her from the local boys who harass her with their overtures. Charmme plays the heroine,” informs Sudhakar while shifting the camera with the help of his assistants for the next block in the scene. A brief break is announced.

Taking the opportunity Srikanth in a red shirt and jeans wearing polarized sun glasses makes it to the adjacent street set where Dr. Rajasekhar is shooting along with Kamalinee Mukherjee for Maa Annayya Bangaram. While Kamalinee is engrossed in listening to the director, a relaxed Rajasekhar welcomes Srikanth and Samudra with a warm smile. The other actors from the Sevakudu team join them. One revisits the bonhomie that was witnessed during the stars T-20 matches.

The shoot resumes for Sevakudu and the stars return to the set. “This is my third film after Tarakaramudu and Manasistha Raa… for the banner. And it is my second movie with Samudra. Earlier we have done a lighter vein love story, Darling Darling. In contrast, Sevakudu has a mixture of emotions and sentiment besides of course action and entertainment,” says Srikanth.

Samudra agrees with him. He says that it is a powerful subject. For the past four years he has been toying with the idea of making a film with this title. And finally he found a perfect story (by Swamy). “It is on the lines of my earlier hits, Yevadaithe Nakenti and Simharasi, with a varied content and narration.”

Charmme is on a job hunt and meets the hero and eventually falls in love with him and the subsequent events lead to an engrossing climax. Sudhakar opines that Srikanth, an all rounder can carry any role with ease. “Besides entertaining, the film leaves a strong message.” Two songs are planned to be shot in Kerala in the next schedule.

Veteran actor Krishna plays an important cameo role. Pradeep Rawat, Nasser, Jayaprakash Reddy, Ahuti Prasad, Brahmanandam, Ali and Hema are part of the cast.