Event In an innovative attempt, the role of neuron mechanism in human activity is presented through a dance ballet. GUDIPOODI SRIHARI

It was a first of its kind. A dance presentation based on the implication of neural mechanism in the brain. This subject was beautifully dealt through a dance ballet by Rajeswari Sainath and her group with inputs provided by noted neuro-surgeon Dr. I. Dinakar at Ravindra Bharati last Sunday morning organised under the aegis of Hyderabad’s North Branch of Indian Medical Association and Srutilaya Kendra Natarajalaya. It was like Jugalbandi between science and art. While Dr. Dinkar explained niceties of the brain, describing the inbuilt neurological mechanism, there were dances to exemplify the explanation. Through a power point presentation, Dr. Dinkar explained, how brain initiates and controls bodily activities like dance and music. This was a display of controlled mechanism of neural circuits.

Dr. Dinkar also dealt with how audience would be receiving the show as they too have cerebral mechanism in understanding the elements in dance, in the performer reaching out to audience. Indeed it was evident by the way audience responded by giving standing ovation at the end of the show, some demanding repetition of such educative shows.

To prepare the audience to understand cerebral basis and its mechanism, Dr. Dinkar projected the picture of brain and its neural mechanism and connections underlying rhythm, balancing acts and foot movements. All kinds of activities of the body were initiated, moderated and manipulated in the brain, he informed.

On the performance side, nine artistes including gynaecologist Dr. Rajyasri, a disciple of Rajeswari, performed. It opened with a traditional Ganesha Vandanam, a group dancing to Jayaganesha Pahimam , in leisurely grace to well spaced rhythmic syllables and nritta posturing. The entire dance was set to pre-recorded music. The concept of ‘Navarasas’ was demonstrated by Vaishnavie Sainath comparing them to neurological impulses in brain. Vaishnavie’s ‘humor’ was appreciated There was ‘Siva Thandavam’ a display of karanas that needed activation of neurological system commanding muscular collaboration.

It was a commendable show, purely for its novel approach and educational value.