Message with popcorn flavour - Vaathiyar

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TYPICAL: Vaathiyar
TYPICAL: Vaathiyar

Genre: Action
Director: A. Venkatesh
Cast: Arjun, Vadivel, Prakash Raj, Pradeep Rawath, Manivannan, Thalaivasal Vijai, Sathyan, Devan, Mallika Kapoor, Sujatha and Subha.
Storyline: The hero becomes a one-man army when police fails to act.
Bottomline: Sugar-coated pill.Arjun's films are known for three things — action, patriotism and a viable commercial script. All these and more are there in A.P.Film Garden "Vaathiyar." The hero lives up to his image of `Action King' especially in the first few reels. A teacher, Arjun goes to the rescue of a colleague, who is attacked by the father of a student. The hero then takes on the mantle of a messiah. The film is not without its dose of messages. The story is by Arjun and director A. Venkatesh has neatly woven the script to make it enjoyable for the masses. But for a few songs aimed at the front benchers, the film runs smoothly with all the ingredients that make viewing interesting. The Arjun-Vadivelu combo is a winner. Thalaivasal Vijay shines in the brief essay. Prakash Raj sparkles as the police officer. In Sathyan's company he reminds us of Janakaraj of ``Apoorva Sagodharargal." Mallika Kapoor makes an effort to be convincing. Sujatha as the mother acts with grace. The cast includes Manivannan, Suja and Mahanadi Shobana.K.S.Selvaraj's camera comes up with some pleasing angles. D.Iman's music is rather loud although two songs are melodious. Gopinath's dialogue is crisp, enhanced by director A.Venkatesh. Very much ahead among the Deepavali releases. S.R.ASHOK KUMAR



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