Melody from the frets

T.K. Ganapathy
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VEENA Their command over laya was evident in the delineation of kritis by Jayasri and Jayaraj. T.K. Ganapathy

Lilting presentation:Jayaraj Krishnan and Jayasri Jayaraj.Photo: Hindu Archives
Lilting presentation:Jayaraj Krishnan and Jayasri Jayaraj.Photo: Hindu Archives

Soulful music on the veena played by Jayaraj Krishnan and Jayasri Jayaraj at the Nadabrahmagana sabha, Vanaprastha, Vadavalli, kept the rasikas glued to their seats. They were accompanied by KMS Mani on the mridangam and Suresh on the ghatam. The Saveri varnam ‘Sarasuda,’ in two speeds created a vocal feel in many places. This was followed by ‘Vatapi Ganapathim’ in Hamsadhwani with swaras which brought to the fore their total grip over laya.

Spate of swaras

Jayasri’s alapana of Pantuvarali was a gamaka-oriented structure with magic casements woven around the raga for the kriti, ‘Ninne Namminanu’ rendered with a vivid niraval and a spate of swaras. Jayaraj’s raga delineation of Bhairavi with a brief tanam came with a linear mode of presentation and quick glides marked by melody. It was a demonstration of his wizardry on rhythm.

The kriti ‘Balagopala’ exuded piousness. ‘Annapoorne’ (Saama) and ‘Thelisi Rama’ (Purnachandrika) were lilting presentations. The duo concluded their session with ‘Radha Samedha Krishna.’

The accompanists were well within the comfort zone throughout the kutcheri including their thani.



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