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R. K.
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Violin Mysore Nagaraj and Mysore Manjunath’s concert was pleasing to the ears.

Mysore Manjunath and Mysore Nagaraj
Mysore Manjunath and Mysore Nagaraj

The popular violinist duo Mysore Nagaraj and Mysore Manjunath, regaled their audience with a string of aromatic ragas that filled the air with their sweet fragrance. Tera teeyaga raadah in Gowlipanthu was very thoughtful and more so as they bow to the anupallavi parama purusha dharmadi mokshamula … where the philosophical content is brought to the fore.

The style of Mysore brothers is rather puzzling, though this feeling remains constant through the entire recital whatever be the compositions they choose to present. For one, they begin a preface of the raga with enchanting notes that develop the nuances steadily and with great clarity bestowing joy on their listeners. The kriti is also taken up in a similar fashion where the sangathis are well delineated and pleasing to the ear. The improvisation begins, as with most musicians, in a neat pattern only to get into the rapid action mode which just leaves you totally disarrayed. Whether it is one-up showmanship or western influence, whatever it be, the speed leaves little for appreciation.

The Bilahari began on a swift note, so there was no saying; traces of Western influence are obvious. However, the saving grace was at very yearning lines, rokka micchutaku nenu … where they reduced the tempo and made for meaningful bowing. The alternating manodharma was imposing. Entha muddho entha sogaso …’ (Bindumalini) floated sublime unfolding the sangathis with melodic strain. The Bhairavi alapana by both unveiled the contours of this exalted ragam which made its way to Upacharamulanu chegonavayya … with touching neraval and irresistible swarakalpana where the catchy phrases of the Bhairavi laced the improvisation enhancing its innate exquisiteness. The RTP in Bageshri was splendid- for one, the raga itself is melodic to the core and the duo went into the deep crevices to bring out the beauty further. B.C. Manjunath on the mridangam and Ramanamurthy on the ghatam complemented the artists.

The concert marked the penultimate day of the week-long music fest under the aegis of Sharada Cultural Trust at Keyes High School.

R. K.



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