Mellifluous vocal concert

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Music Manda Sudharani's vocal concert in Visakhapatnam was rich in its classical appeal. VELCHETI SUBRAHMANYAM

Rich and pureManda Sudharani excelled in emotive rendition.
Rich and pureManda Sudharani excelled in emotive rendition.

Amellifluous vocal concert by senior vocalist Manda Sudharani at the Sankaramatam, Visakhapatnam in honour of the two-day visit of Kanchi Sankaracharya Sri Jayendra Saraswathi, stood out for its classicism. An impeccable stickler of tradition, she is known for her enviable command over the syntax and grammar of Carnatic classical idiom. True to her style, she dished out a concert rich and pure in its classical appeal. She excelled in emotive rendition flavoured with remarkable erudition.

With Sudharani on stage, the music lovers have to invariably look for technicalities and virtuosity rippling with a perfect blend that brought forth the varied shades of classicism much to the delight of puritans. She began with Totakashtakam of Totakacharya in raga malika comprising Hindolam, Kapi, Sahana and Sindhubhiravi. Employing a raga for a couple of slokas, she brought out the spiritual and philosophical import of those eight slokas well. That she is adept in rising to the occasion was evident in her presentation of Smarane Sukham of Thygaraja in raga Janaranjani. She began her concert after Jayendra Saraswathi's discourse, which was on Navavidha Bhakti tatwam stressing on the significance of smaranam of the Lord's name. She instantly took up Smarane Sukham and won wide applause.

Laced with a light swarakalpana her raga essay of Anandabhairavi in low and medium tempo for Neemadi of Matru Bhootayya unfolded the pleasing countenance of the raga in its aesthetic glow. She took up raga Kalyani for Meenakshi memudam of Deekshitar for delineation which was the mainstay of the evening. Crowned with elaborate aalapana in three octaves and fluent neravu at lines Madhurapurinilaye showcased her musical acumen in good measure. Her swarakalpana weaving through a matrix of musical notes was mind-boggling. The other highlights of the concert included Manasa sancharare in Sama, Kanjadalaya in Kamalamanohaari, Sarasijanabha in Nagagandhari, besides a Kannada composition in Abheri and a Tamil one in Madhayamavati. H Ramcharan on violin and Mandapaka Ravi on mridangam lent commendable support.

On the day before, Pantula Rama's vocal concert delighted the music lovers. Ably accompanied by M.S.N .Murthy on violin and V.V Ramanamurthy on mridangam, she presented the chosen pieces with verve. She took up raga Kalyani for Tallininne neranamminanu of Shyama Sastry for elaboration as the star piece of the concert. Spiced with detailed aalapana, lucid neravu and deft swarakalpana it reflected her grip over musical nuances in good measure.

The notables in her concert were Srisankara in raga Nagaswaravali, Kamalamba in Kanada and Kanakasaila in Punnagavarali.

She brought out the spiritual and philosophical import of slokas well.



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