Melody and technical skills ruled U. P. Raju and his wife Nagamani's performance.

As part of the 47th Annual festival of South Indian Cultural Association, Sunday evening at Ravindra Bharati saw a fine mandolin performance by Chennai's U.P.Raju and his wife Nagamani. Melody and technical skills ruled their performance, which was frequently applauded. The duo began their show with traditional Kanada varnam (ata tala) and displayed their mastery over laya in the tisram as well. The duo displayed the same comfort in vilamba and druta kalas. Continuing of the melodic lines of gambheera nata, the two also played a mallari in the traditional style. The invocation piece was Deekshitar's Siddhi Vinayakam in Shanmukhapriya. This was also marked by a pleasing swara exercise. After that they played Manirangu with its typical flavour. The composition they played was a Swati Tirunal's composition Jaya Jaya Padmanabha. The popular Hamsadhwani number Raghunayaka was particularly notable for their breezy spells of swarakalpana. The instrumental delight Nini Vina Namadendu in Navarasa Kannada was another thrilling presentation, in which both the artistes came out with their own individual skilful presentation and matched each other's play. This piece practically served as preface for their main essay Kalyani. The duo shared the raga essay and the tanam and swarakalpana. However, it was Raju who dominated this showpiece of the concert with the chosen Shyama Sastry kriti Talli Ninu Vina. They had a dolu as the main percussion support. Chennai Sekhar stole the limelight with his variety on the instrument both as accompanist and soloist. The tani avartanam with Rajaram, joining him on ghatam, was a treat. G. S.