Event To mark its 25th anniversary, Swarajhari Sabha in Vijayawada is organising a 25-day music festival. P. Surya Rao

Atwenty five day music festival is unheard of but vidwan Modumudi Sudhakar of Swarajhari embarked upon the herculean task. The occasion is the 25th anniversary of Swarajhari Sabha of Vijayawada being held at Gokaraju Laila Gangaraju Kala Vedika of the Government Music College. The inaugural function was presided over by the Sabha president T.S.Ramachandra Rao with C. Munikumar, principal of Government Music College, Nellore, as the chief guest. The festival began with a nadaswaram concert by Vedam Haribabu and party of Tirupathi. A novelty during the series was that the Sabha honouredon each dayan organiser of a Sangeeta Sabha selected from all over the State conferred the title ‘Sangeeta Seva Nirata’ U.V.Mohana Vamsee’s vocal concert was a good beginning for the mega event. He began the concert with ‘Viriboni’ varnam and followed it with Jayathi Siva Bhavani, a Dikshitar keertana in Bhavapriya. The alapana of Kumudapriya for the keertana Ardhanareeswaram was neat. Next, Mohana Vamsee sang Neevadanegana in Saranga and sang Paramatmudi in Vagadheeswari with fine raga delineation and kalpana swaras.

Attractive voice and efficient manodharma marked the second day’s concert by V.Subhasri of Chennai. She began with Kanada varnam. After rendering a couple of keertanas she took up Kedaragowla for the sub main. The raga delineation was packed with bhava-laden sangathis. However, Subhasri revealed her musical depth in the main item Dorakuna Ituvanti Seva in Bilahari. The alapana and the kalpana swaras were appealing. P. Nandakumar and B. Sureshbabu were good on the violin and mridangam respectively. Subhasri closed the concert with a tarangam.

On the next day, a vocal concert by Patibandla Janaki, an experienced singer and a lecturer in Government Music School, Guntur was held.

Janaki sports a robust and melodious voice and sings in traditional manner. Starting with Saranga varnam, Janaki rendered Paramapurusha in Vasanta, Karunajoodu in Sriragam and Tolijanmamuna in Bilahari. Next she sang the majestic keertana Ksheera Sagara Sayana in Devagandhar in full tempo. Ninne namminanu in Simhendramadhyamam was the main item of the concert. Towards the end, she rendered Madhava mamava , a tarangam in Neelambari and Dhanasri thillana. Swathi’s full throated and efficient singing and her manodharma ability made a mark on the audience. Starting with Sahana varnam, Swathi sang Jaya Jaya Ganapathi (Hamsadhvani), Seetamma Mayamma (Vasanta) and Sri Matrubhootam (Kannada) in a pure traditional manner.

Her main item was Rama Kadha Sudha in Madhyamavathi adorned with sumptuous alapana and attractive swaras. She was amply supported by B. V. Durga Bhavani on the violin and P. S. Phalgun on the mridangam. Swathi Srikrishna sang two abhangs melodiously before closing her concert.

On the fifth day, reputed Harikatha exponent Simhachala Sastry Bhagavatar’s Harikatha ganam Thyagaraja Yoga Vaibhavam was so moving that one could see many in the audience shedding tears during some scenes in Thyagaraja’s life.

The Harikatha ganam indeed stood out as a highlight of the festival.