Kalakshetra is presenting a Bharatanatyam performance by Divya and Hari Padman, both alumni of the dance school on November 18. Hari is currently teaching Bharatanatyam at Kalakshetra. On November 19, 23, and 24, Kalakshetra presents the Manipur Festival, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. It will include performances by 75 artists, including Priti Patel and Anjika of Kolkata. The first programme of the Manipur Festival on November 19 comprises two plays directed by Kanhailal. On November 23, Lai Haraoba, ritual and traditional dances of Manipur, will be presented, with performances by Maibas and Maibis, drummers, Priti Patel and Anjika. On November 24, the martial art forms of Manipur in the tradition of Thang Ta will be presented, concluding with a contemporary piece by Priti Patel, titled `Khuman-the Black Sun.'