(Asianet, Sundays, 19.30)

The story of a saint who touched the lives of thousands through her faith. Her love and selfless work for the poor and downtrodden made her a role model and a saint. This series narrates the story of her life that was filled with many miracles.

Sports Time

Jaihind TV, weekdays, 22.30

A daily news bulletin on the happenings in the world of sports. It brings you all the highlights and results from your favourite sports around the world. Hosted by Joy Nair, the show features interviews and interactions with sports newsmakers and sports analysts.


(Jeevan TV, Sundays, 21.30)

Contemporary issues and events are discussed with a touch of humour and satire. Shinoj Malyattor hosts this programme in the guise of a clown but the topics discussed are relevant and not a joke. Political, cultural and social events find a place in this programme.