S he travels all over the world from Maui, Minnesota to the Caribbean. ‘Samantha Brown's Great Weekends,' January 9 at 8 p.m., on Travel and Living Channel takes viewers out of their routine lives to interesting places. Learn from this vivacious vacationer how to make the most of the short-lived holidays. In this episode, Samantha visits Dallas, the city where she was born.

In ‘Fun Asia,' this week's episode is ‘Fiji,' on January 10 at 10 p.m. Janet Hsieh visits the place, comprising 33 islands, and is welcomed with a warm “Bula.” Janet witnesses a Fiji wedding on Treasure Island. The beach spa pampering is followed by a candlelight dinner. She plays the game of survivor on the island where ‘Castaway' was filmed before heading for Taveun, which is separated by the International Date Line. She also dives into the ocean to feed Bull Sharks. Janet wraps up her journey at Beqa Island where a fire-walking ceremony by an indigenous tribe takes place and raises a toast to her trip with the local drink Kave.

In ‘Everyday Exotic' on January 13 at 10 p.m., Roger Mooking adds a simple ingredient to turn the routine into a special dish. A nice burst of citrus and baked fish is an ideal combination. Into his baked snapper recipe, he puts in lemongrass. He dresses it up with eye-catching tomato sauce. The meal is accompanied by broccoli, crispy garlic and mini potatoes with ginger butter.