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OFFERING Prof. V. Ramarathnam was felicitated
OFFERING Prof. V. Ramarathnam was felicitated

A tribute to the great violinist R.R. Keshavamurthy

Sangeetavidyasaagara,the first memorialfunction of the Late R.R.Keshavamurthy, a prominentviolinist, was celebratedlast weekend inBangalore. The eventwas organised by the Sri.R.R. KeshavamurthyFoundation comprisinghis students, at the MalleshwaramSeva Sadan.The inaugural concertwas by Mysore M. Nagarajand Mysore M. Manjunath,accompanied byV. Praveen (mridanga)and Giridhar Udupa(ghata). The mesmerisingconcert drew a fullhouse and gave the functiona befitting start.Late R.R. Keshavamurthyauthored manybooks delineating thetechnical aspects of Carnaticmusic, was a violinistand performer parexcellence. But morethan anything else, as recalledby his ardent disciple,Venkatesh, R.R.Keshavamurthy was anaffectionate and encouragingguru. He thus establisheda parampara(tradition) of violinistswho stand out as accomplishedperformers intheir own right today,under his tutelage.Three such disciples,T.V. Ramaprasad, Dr.Hamsini Nagendra andDr. S.C. Sharma rendereda half-hour concerteach. This wasfollowed by an hour longmultimedia presentation,to unveil the musicalproficiency, life andtimes of R.R. Keshavamurthy.

Venkatesh recalls howhis guru was often seenby people as a fastidiousand cold man, but was indeedonly a man of strictvalues and principles. Tosite an instance, Venkateshspeaks in awe abouthis guru that despite thegreat heights he reachedin music, he neverskipped saadhana (practice)every single morning.

As a tribute to the dedicationand contributionto music , Prof. V.Ramarathnam, was giventhe title of "Saadhanaacharya',along with acash award of Rs.10,000.Prof. V. Ramarathnam isa well-known Carnaticvocalist, author, teacher,musicologist and composer.Disciple of MysoreT. Chowdiah, andserved as the first Principalof the University Collegeof Music and Dance,University of Mysore,since its inception in1965. The foundation isdriven by its members'zealous love and respectfor their guru. The enthusiasticgroup is alreadybrainstormingplans for their futureactivities.




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