Explorer Steve Backshall is on a mission to find the world’s deadliest animals. Animal Planet’s ‘Deadly 60,’ May 27 at 9 p.m., includes every creature from dangerous beauties to killer beasts.

His adventures take him to some of the most hostile and remote places on earth in order to determine the most fearsome 60 on the planet that will get a treasured place on his list. Steve and the crew race against time to fulfil their quest. However, the search is never straight forward as the crew does whatever it takes to get the ultimate close encounter, facing some of the harshest territories known to man…or beast.

From diving in the fresh water swamps of Florida on the hunt for alligators to exploring the remote island of Komodo on a quest for the komodo dragon, the programme makes viewers feel as though they’re in the heart of the action, and part of the gang.