Theatre A play that succeeded at showing the disparities between the poor and rich in the wake of naxalism.

‘K archichu' written and directed by Tulasi Balakrishna, a deft hand at penning plays, surprised audience with rare content in this new play dealing with Naxalites vis-a-vis landlords. This was staged at Thyagaraya Gana Sabha recently.

Hot bed for naxalites

A doctor couple Mythili Mohan (M. Francis) and Mahati (Lakshmi) move their mobile hospital to these girijan tracks with an intention of giving medical aid to the suffering. But the area is already a hot bed for Naxalites. Suryam (M.V. Kutumba Sarma), a sample case of how youth with vengeance join Naxal brigades, arrives at the hospital wounded to get treatment.

He has also a bunch of stamped papers in hand and gives them to the doctor Mythili Mohan to hand them over to their rightful owners; poor peasants.

The rest of the play shows how landlords and police commit atrocities on the poor.

The play ends with his apologetic soliloquy.

The play has all the elements of theatre staple— biting satire, black humour, stark villainy and repentance.

Some were larger-than-life characters. C. Narayana Swamy played Vamanamurthy, assistant of Gowrnaidu. S. N. Rama Sastry playing an aged patient of the doctor. The character of Suryam, played by Malladi Venkata Kutumba Sarma is used to show why youth are joining Naxal ranks. In his case his mother was raped and murdered by the landlord. Mikkili Francis and Lakshmi in doctors' roles remained all through as focal point. All these artistes presented roles understanding characters' importance.

Surreal drama

K. Nataraj as Peddabbai, Anupawan as inspector, P. Giridhar as Chittibabu; friend of Suryam in college days left their stamp on histrionic line of this surreal drama.

The narration poked fun at the establishment and their methods. The backdrop was minimalist sets devoid of elaborate props with a translucent curtain separating doctors and an ailing person. But the play incorporated high theatricality with all artistes striving to give their best putting fresh energy into action.