“A Roller Coaster Ride” and “Kailash Nath Weds Madhumati” from Chilsag Chillies promise to be loads of fun.

‘Amoebaphobia’, ‘Bacteria’, ‘Broom broom’ and ‘Queen’ are set to tickle the audience when musical comedies “A Roller Coaster Ride” and “Kailash Nath Weds Madhumati” are staged today. The audience may well hold the key to resolving the crisis situation in “A Roller Coaster Ride”.

The two original productions from Chilsag Chillies, directed by Sachin Gupta, are experimental on quite a few counts, the director vouches.

““A Roller Coaster Ride” is more like an experiment,” says Gupta. “We have actors in the age group of 25-30 years enacting the role of children, while kids will act as mature young men and women,” explains Gupta.

The director is hoping this role-reversal experiment will work with the audience.

Further, the play will also demand an active participation from the audience and their engagement will be vital in leading the play to its culmination, says Gupta.

The English musical involves the adventure of “six naughty kids” who are “bored” and decide to go and watch the circus.

But the journey to the circus turns out to be hilarious and adventures as they encounter the Dracula on the way and soon the kids are in his custody. The children have to win back their freedom by fulfilling the conditions of the Dracula and the four witches: Amoebaphobia’, ‘Bacteria’, ‘Broom broom’ and ‘Queen’.

The feel of the play promises to be different. “The auditorium would resemble a haunted house,” says Gupta. The setting is going to be minimalist and symbolic, adds the director.

The cast includes Ashish Bhandari, Shashank Nischal, Nitin Tiwari and 33 others.

“Kailash Nath Weds Madhumati” is an out-and-out comedy.

“The Hindi play is a pure comedy. It is about two people who decide to get married after a courtship of 15 years,” Gupta sums up the second play of the evening.

With a title like “Kailash Nath Weds Madhumati”, the play could have not been about anything but marriage. The 35-minute play promises unadulterated fun with even a baraat in place to complete the wedding festivities. This is of course till a letter to the groom changes the scene. The cast comprises Puru Singh, Supriya, Madhura Roy and others.

Both the plays will be staged at the Shriram Centre Auditorium from 7.30 p.m.